SOLSTICE: Days of the Still

"We Need More Clarity."

July 11th, 2016

Everyone knows what it means to be clear when speaking. You should be able to pick a subject and then stay on point when talking. Everyone knows that clarity is essential when tough topics are being discussed, but there is no clarity any more. We can see using our technology that it doesn't stop at the steps of Capitol Hill, or in our neighborhoods which are currently being effected by free-streaming propaganda percolating from all of it. We may have to create a job for someone in every neighborhood to manage everyone who lives within that worker's area. You can get a job as a Dallas policeman or woman because the killing fields are becoming our public streets and when we take a hit like Dallas did, we must exhurt pressure until we get change. Would a better world emerge after a clearing of the air? Does anyone know how to clean up the mess we made?

Circling the Wagons 2016

July 8th, 2016

Hello! How are you this afternoon or night or morning depending on where you are; it's me. I wish that as a member of the human race, reasonable and an optimist to boot, things would have gotten better inside two years since my code found it's way back here. The program will fulfill the requirements as determined by the code.

It is important to note at this time, the time that all hell breaks loose, it will depend entirely on you to determine your own stake in the upcoming civil disruptions. Each and every household will be looking from within to see where they stand. Topics of race, police relations, and civil inequalities are no longer topics of discussion but subjects that citizens die for. Just like war where soldiers execute missions based on training, citizen mayhem may slip into citizen chaos lest there be baiting by groups promoting opposing views. Learn how to recognize what may be coming in the future or what is happening right now. No one wants to be caught on the wrong side of a citizen on a mission acting against the ruling order.

Using the phrase, "We must unite!" sends us further apart and we watch large groups being segmented by invisible fences and these fences are making some people act out with deadly force. People more willing to die for their beliefs than ever before.

Born in America

The Voice of Reason is Dead

August 21st, 2014

There are plenty of things to complain about these days.What, with the ever increasing lack of humanity that seems to pervade the “real-time”social network. Sometimes there is only one place to stay safe and commiserate with friends and that would be online. Everywhere you look there are people with bad attitudes or grievances that must be voiced. Sometimes it’s easy to find a resolution but more often than not there is a sense of inevitability that nothing is going to be right in this world ever again. Some of us think that is what makes us American but I believe that is what makes us more animal than ever before. Eat or be eaten has never hit so close to home.

If these words create images in your mind then an assumption can be made on what those images reveal. For me they are images of rage, social bigotry, and hate. For me I see the difference rather than the likeness. For me I feel the Earth move beneath my feet and it’s telling me to get ready for a man on man fight fest like none other. This time the connections we make are more deadly than ever and if we really believe what our mind tells us, then I can assure you that people are ready to jump head first into any argument they can find be it good, bad, holy, or otherwise. Fighting is not just for the poor folk anymore.

The Anthropologist in me wants to dive deeper into the social psyche of what’s really going on here. Every day there is another bit of sensationalism that draws our attention away from this and onto that. If you live a life that removes the input of society than you may be able to avoid all that is wrong with today’s inherent demise of values. If you refuse to get caught up in what is happening around you then you might be able to live a complete life without ever having to feel responsible for what is happening to your fellow man or woman. The hermit in you is like the Anthropologist in me;you run and hide while I run to the forefront of what is going on just to seethe effect of evolution. Because whether we want to believe it or not, evolution is what is happening, we just did not imagine it could go this poorly.

Extreme Conditions

08/09/13 @ 3:59PM

Welcome to the Jungle, we have fun and games. That's what we have here and so far there is nothing you or I can do about it. So, you might as well take some time to see if the space outside our atmosphere is revealing more than what we have been seeing. This is the year we might just get to see something fantastic. While some of you may be looking for a global event to remember, the northern hemisphere will be sharing something they haven't seen in over 333 years; and that's just one thing.

This year will finish with a flurry of solar system events beginning with Agust 12 and the Perseid (Per-SEE-id) meteor shower followed by a penumbral eclipse of the Moon on October 18th. The nexts pair of events are the November 3rd Eclipse of the Sun and then Great Comet ISON will make its presence known for two months to most, if not all, amateur and professional astronomers above the Equator.

Today the comet can be seen with medium telescopes an hour before the sun rises in the East. Jupiter and Mars share the sky along with the Gemini stars Castor and Pollux. Earth is on the opposite side of the Sun, getting a very good view as the comet will come in from past Jupiter, flyby Mars and head for a very close perihelion of approximately one million miles from the Sun. THIS is going to bring people together or it will separate many. For me, I will confess, it has separated some. I would rather live in the unknowing than live in the already tread past of dead soldiers feet and moonless eyes of red than go where the know it all goes.

The end of 2013 comes when the Geminid Meteor Shower happens December 13 and 14. The Great Comet ISON will burn on until it gets back into the space where Mars and Jupiter reign which could takes months. Right now is an exciting time for astronomers who want to watch the interaction of space weather and moving objects, like comets, in order to determine the theorectical possibility that planetoid material is actually attracted to a body rather than accreded.

Hypothetically speaking, a comet passing by the Sun comsumes its own tail rather than the tail being expelled. The secondary hypothetical would be the release of plasma from a moving planetoid to another so as to create a structure the size of Valles Marineris, The Grand Canyon and/or various fyords and gorges in Russia and North Eastern Europe.

Norwegian Fjords




Today I am happy to say that I have a little time to write what I have been thinking about lately. Thinking is all I have time for now that the farm has taken a large part of my usable time during each day. Now maybe I can think about setting aside some time to put these thoughts to memory saved inside the PC tower close to my feet and whirring away like a rat gnawing on a chalkboard. Sometimes time is not what appears to be at all and space appears to have a god of its own and Gravity ain't it.

My closest friends think like I do and then there is everyone else; programs. I won't divulge the secret to living happy now but expect it to come out eventually and then, well, I gues what I was sent here to do will be done, right? For now there is space and time and me and you; let's not ruin a so-so thing.

Remember that when I say "you' I mean everyone including myself in the third person. Me is me but you is us all.

I am looking forward to the visit of my good friend, John Zaskoda. He and I will be recording our conversation and he will be producing it for you. Thanks, John and to all of you. I am cutting this short so you don't get all the news before it happens. Remember to stay positive and learn to Write Your Own Code.

The Pope's Astronomer


Powerfitz now has a flash player for the new, W-E-H-R Event Horizon Radio station that will broadcast my personal news to the world on an irregular and then regular schedule of broadcasts. If you want to know if there is something playing, come here and click play to find out fast.

Yesterday I interviewed what I have been calling, "The Pope's Astronomer", Brother Guy Consolmagno. I found out during our discussion that one, Pamela for Skype does not work as well as advertised, and two, there is more than one astronomer servicing Pope Francis today. In fact, there are hundreds of them and my discussion with Brother Guy was just the beginning of my research into Papal astronomy and the men and women who take part in its research.

Brother Guy was a very nice man who took the time to correspond with me on numerous occasions prior to the interview. Even just before the interview, I had discovered that there might have been a mix up but Brother Guy made himself available and the discussion went forward as planned. The next hurdle to overcome was the recorder. As I have mentioned before, the program I used did not stand up to the task. What ended up happening was the recorder would go off unexpectedly and I would have to shut the program down, start it back up and then continue to record the discussion which had continued through the pause. It is what makes the recording sound like the listener missed some, because they did.

The questions and answers you missed were focused on the Pope's meteorite collection, baptising aliens, and analysing the information that comes into his, and other, papal astronomers' hands each day. His answers were quick and light and went something like this. We have found volatiles when analysing our meteorite collection. I would baptize and alien if they asked. We ask organizations like the Smithsonian institute to do some of the work where we cannot. We do not have an electron microscope.

Help with the Research in your own way HERE

The Most of Two-Minutes


I watched two minutes of news this morning and I’m left wondering if that’s enough. Considering how much and so little is going on in my life, I probably do not need to watch much more than a couple of minutes any ways. If I watched too much news then I’ll become a conspiracy nut like the guy down the street who does everything to stay low key but fails. Today I’m going to talk about what two minutes of news will do to you if you let it.

I know that we have a world-wide audience of YouTube viewers. You find out right away if you happen to be a YouTube producer. Viewers and producers are different and each look at YouTube differently. Back to my two-minute news.

There are few things in the world that can tell you more about the world than the world itself. It’s telling me that I should begin to look at the world that is closest to me; a world with which I give and take from. Everything else at this point is going to be that area where someone else takes over.

There is something to be said for bringing out the most in people. Not the best, not the worst but the most. The people who are the most are the ones who took time to think for themselves and understand their own priorities.

If you are like me, one of THOSE people, then see how much you could have gotten done in two minutes. Let us think about that. Ok… I still need my news is what I’m hearing. If you need news then I need news. If I need news do I need it from Australia?

The people of the world are being forced together like sardines in the proverbial can. Don’t you feel it? I am not even sure if I’m lucky to be where I am right now considering where we are going and how fast we are about to get going there. The amount of blindness that is prevalent in the society is staggering. I DO feel some news is in order but the news we’re getting is not really going to motivate me or you to do more for myself or yourself. Please remember to take less from others, the Earth AND when you do take you get more and take less.

Snip It

Eschatology puts Religion to bed because when the end of the world comes calling, you know you'll have to make due with what you have especially when you are all you have, right? Let’s think about what the state of the union really is and where we think its going.

I’m what some call a conservative Republican because of my choice. I said to myself I must be because I agreed with their assessment of me. Does that mean Mitt Romney chooses like me or is it all in my head? These are the things we find ourselves thinking about instead of which asteroid is going to be named what Greek name. The question I should be answering is,

“Will spending so much time thinking find a way to make it change how you feel?”

I cannot answer that but I do know that no matter how much you try to get me to see it your way, I retreat further from an idea or ideas that are not my own. I am the “anti-eschatologist”; they just call me the “Devil’s Advocate”.

So have you felt the Earth moooove under your feet, or did your sky come a tumblin a tumblin down? I hope not. We deserve better you and me.

So we’re here in the mess that Nineteen Eighty-Four, a novel written by George Orwell and published in 1949, manifests our present into; a dystopian and satirical society where we are tyrannized by The Party and its totalitarian ideology. What to do now that you find yourself coming to grips with life after the end of the world in a place where a good Sherpa is like a pair of warm boots.

There’s a storm brewing to the north and it blows cold air against my office window.

There are some human who have an ability to extrapolate time and therefore see what man will become. There was a time when that was easier to do. Science fiction was plentiful and ideas were rich with color and vitality. There is an apparent lack of color in today’s forward thinking. If by fault of the engineers or the right-brain folks who come up with ideas, there is a retreat from what once was growth has now become management. I get the feeling there is a fall guy for every generation of progress yet there is something missing as well.

Same or Different?

This morning it's 6:51AM and here are the talking points I'd want to speak about if there was someone to talk to.

"The weather pattern just so happens to be such that yesterday we had these very beautiful cloud formations in the upper jet stream." The meteorologist Meteorology Wiki should be searching for something other than weather. Some ideas just hit you. Like me.

He is spouting off at the mouth about "contrails" and I'm thinking about "filaments". That's how JZ described them and I could remember they were filamental at least by nature but they were made by aircraft that were creating trails of smoke or ice out of their engines or alternate source. These events are not going unnoticed and they are not going unannounced by the local news. Here's a connection to your local weatherman or woman you might not have thought about before. The way you're going to get you're disaster news is through your local meteorologist. They'll be trying to tell you about anything scientific. What you do with the information is up to because, "He's a meteorologist".

We watch FOX. Local FOX in the morning, with Jose Grinan, Natalie Bombke, Michelle Merhar and Mike Iscovitz. They are a quirky bunch of folks but who isn’t these days, right? I like this report because Mike, who is the meteorologist, is a sharp dresser and personal hygiene is high on his list of important qualities to have as an adult male in America. I figure, "If you're going to go in front of millions of people on TV, then you might as well look fantastic doing it." I like FOX and even watch the other one located on channel 638.

So when I think about what John was saying and what Mike is saying and what I am thinking, I say that I am affected by a lot of outside influence. I saw a sky that was greatly affected by the air traffic in the area. Some of that traffic left trails while others did not. Some of the trails were dashes that turned into angle wings and then strings of horizontal wisps of ice crystals et al.

I am not going to talk about the weather but I do want to talk about the guy behind the suit. This guy, the weather reporter, gives us news of earthquakes and asteroids and climate change and the local effects of natural science. Many Americans would rather have someone else do it for them and when someone does, that same American hardly questions a well dressed meteorologist.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who took time to encourage me to push through the madness. Truth be told, that's exactly what it feels like.

Content is King

I suspect I should tell you something about myself because this is the website of an author. If I had the time I would, but I don't. The best place to find out more about me is to find one of my links to my personal Facebook profile fuzzywashere before it's too late. I do not want my lack of effort to stop you; I want you to know it will be worth it. A good author knows that good writers will be dead before readers realize they were way ahead of time. That's what I think.

Follow me to my Facebook profile. There you'll be able to interact with the author.

"Say Hello to Internet Streams" (Pt 3)

Few people will witness the progress of technology more than the generation of kids born right before a turn of the century. The children of the twenty first century, this century, are the great grandchildren of previous century turners. They have a lot in common with each other because history will show that new technology is what propelled both generations into the future. For both groups the future was in dispute. Here is some insight into how the two are the same and how the two are different.

A baby girl was born in 1900, her name was Mary. She grew up in a home with no running water or electricty but the economy was moving in the right direction. By the time she was twenty the world prospered. Under the watchful eye of a nation of progress the good times roared until times got harder and people began to rely on technology to get more done for less. Mary had eight children and watched the War of Wars and lived her golden years blissfully uninformed. Two years after her death at ninety six years of age, her great grandson Sean was going to see in a new century with a whole new technologically savvy generation in between. He is better prepared because his parents did not have to struggle to get on their feet first. He will become an active participant; his goal is to be successful.

The next wave of internet savvy users will have more choice, make stronger relationships, and become better informed. The information they follow will be the information from friends who are connected and not only do they travel and use the internet for their own benefit, they broadcast a stream of their history as they go.

Portable, relevant, and digital, this stream of information will let friends and followers see what they saw, like it or not. The more social that the internet becomes, the more real the internet becomes. No longer will the flow of information be shaped by the writers, programmers, and businesses that promote it, but each bit of information you find on the internet will soon have a follow-up by visitors, some who like, some who do not, and some who never find the information in the first place. The follow-up comes from the websites and portals of streams that break down to each person who initiates a connection through one of the most popular and not so popular websites available today.

The practice is being used today on portable devices and desktops around the world. The most visited sites today are those that have hundreds of millions of users interacting with each other outside of business. The sites are using cookies and tracking software embedded in advertiser paid ads. So goes the way of the stream. Instead of a group of followers and fans leaving behind crumbs that others can find and follow, they will be reviewing and recommending not through words but through actions. Traffic will be organically generated by a stream search bar which takes an excerpt of the information being viewed. Keywords will be used to find friends that share similar information and actively connect using a stream to interact with their friends. Here's an example of what I find most interesting about the whole stream thing.

Here's an Example.....

Imagine this: Sean is getting on the #25 train from the West Belt to Rice University in Houston. The trip takes forty two minutes and instead of cracking a book to study for his midterms he pulls his research pad out from his favorite rucksack, the on he had from his first year in high school. The leather is worn but it it reminds him of his parents, they always wanted him to excel in his studies and his pack proves that they are always on his side. With his pack on his lap his research pad turns on immediately, he gets notification from his subscription of feeds, his friends. Good morning Sean! Sarah is the only other person from high school that goes to Rice and is always the first one to say hello in the morning. Sarah leaves good mornings on stream the night before so when her friends log on in the morning they all get her alerts and know that she was thinking of them. Sean smiles as he thinks of the small girl with dark hair who has become a great friend since coming to university. Sean minimizes Saran's notice to find a red alert flashing in his task bar. He clicks on the little red exclamation point to see his friend Rick Water's avatar come up in a separate window. Rick's status says "I have the Bio Research Notes on my blog" next to it is the link to his blog and when Sean clicks on the link, Rick is notified that one of his friends utilized his notes. Sean, Sarah, and Rick are going to be the core group of users who have been utilizing social networks for most of their life. As they expanded their social circles at home, they also advanced their social circles world-wide. These kids will organize the world in such a way that advertisers will no longer be able to create information that will inevitably be read, they risk losing touch with the true user of information online and what they are enjoying unless they become a part of the lifestyle these users interact with. The local economy will be trimmed down to the truest of recommended and trusted shops and retailers. The streaming internet will be partial, private, and most of all, wanted by anyone who wants to be seen online. When Sean, Sarah, and Rick let you into their stream you will be able to take advantage of their expertise, their insight, their knowledge.

So Sean's research pad may be a great tool for him now, what, the iPad will create more change in hand-held devices desperate for content. Any author of original works will be highly sought after. The best writer's will find financial independence writing for money online. The manufacturer of the research pad Sean uses included the best digital computing, reading, and traditional work tools all in one. Sean can download and read any book in the world, he can write a book and publish it quickly, he can surf the web, internet, email, but all he really uses it for is school and stream gathering. Following the links his streams show him or the just that part of the stream he is recommended to follow today.

Rick gets streams from 192 of the best online friends you can find. He subscribed to these streams because they are all relevant to his likes and dislikes, his favorite sports team, race car driver, Rice University professors, classmates, and even from Trudy at his job. Trudy still likes cartoons and even though Sean won't admit it, he does to. So he can see what Trudy has been up to whenever he likes because his stream subscriptions have everything he needs to get the news he uses and nothing else.

Forget about keywords people, think key people.

- The Netter Report

"The Introduction of Ipad is another big opportunity for Internet Authors"



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Gramen Farm(s)

I have so much to do these days that it is hard to remember all the things I need to get accomplished. This post is one of the items that resides high on my Top Ten Things to Talk About.

Why raw milk? Well, I cannot tell you exactly, but I know now from experience that raw milk is one food product the keepers are keeping you from; or is it you?

It must be noted that I eventually contracted Campylobactor sickness from the raw milk and one month later was afflicted with Guillam Barre, a central nervous syndrome where the immune system attackes the nervous system of the afflicted and could kill a person if it were not to be realized and corrected quickly.

The cure involved the ingestion of 5-bags of Immunoglobulin, which is intended to dilute the bloodstream and boost positive antibodies to fight off the syndrome.

Once I was out of the hospital It was then that pulmonary embolisms began to show up.

In a matter of a few months I had cheated death at least twice and am now on a regimem of anticoagulants to thin my blood and prevent me from dying of a pulmonary embolism (PE).

For everyone who listened and enjoyed my work at the farm, I say to you that you must be careful of who and where you get your raw milk from lest it be tainted and therefore harmful at best and deadly at worst. This is a true story.

What is written below was released prior to January 2014 when the problems began.

The benefits of raw milk are these: Live, probiotic (good for you), micro-organisms. If your milk doesn't have them then it dies before it turns to cheese like real raw milk does. I will begin to share with you what I have learned at the dairy farm and what, if anything, I can do for you to get you where you want to be with your food source, because it's not all about raw milk, it's about a food supply that you can control and that is good for you.

You can check out the farm through our website

"Some Things to Know"

Here is a short list of sites I have visited this week. The basis for these results is my need to inform myself more about the creative ways people are using the internet to their advantage when determined to create new, original works that attract visitors, followers, and sponsors to the programs being presented. "All links are supported by their own teams of support techs and creators." "This is only a list of my travels this week."

Our friend, Suspicious0bservers built a useful link list that you can find on YouTube by clicking on the Suspicious0bservers link. Link sharing is intended to disperse the information amongst research networks faster.

  • NOAA Climate Data
  • Current Oceania Weather Pattern
  • Spaceweather
  • SDO
  • Helioviewer
  • SOHO
  • Stereo
  • SunAEON
  • iSWA
  • US Wind Map
  • NOAA Buoys
  • RADIATION Network
  • NOAA Environment Visualization
  • RSOE
  • GOES Xray
  • Japanese Radiation Map
  • LISS
  • Gamma Ray Bursts
  • BARTOL Cosmic Rays
  • GOES Weather
  • NASA News
  • The Freelance Toolset: 10 Web Apps for everything

    Timothy McSweeneys Internet Tendency

    Getting an ISBN in America

    Here are three to start and more to come.

    "New Novelists Abound"

    I suggest you visit Flesh Farewell and see what else is coming down the pipe for the newest breakthrough fiction writer FD Walsh.

    "Looking for Writers"

    Private, On-demand content available now. will host all the chapters of "Carne Vale - Flesh Farewell" plus the subsequent volumes produced by authors writing for Our servers are designed for content produced for the web that is owned by the authors and copyright under the rules governing publicly branded orginal content. "The Flesh Farewell" trilogy will be available from the Powerfitz servers upon request, and will soon be ready for uploading onto any digital reader, Google document, or directly in your browser in website format.

    "We welcome you to ask for the latest chapters emailed directly to your inbox. Subscribe to the original content posted here by sending an email to Powerfitz with "NEXT CHAPTER" as the subject so we know what to do with the request."


    Educating Sales Professionals

    Register for free coaching and training packets found exclusively on the pages of The Sales Corner.

    How the Government Eliminated Lying from the Internet -awewriter

    Seven Sales Myths

    Secrets of Sales Presentations

    Connect with the Author

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    Become a subscriber, a friend, a follower, a collaborator, or a mentor if you want to connect with the author privately.

    My efforts to collect my thoughts onto digital notepads and blog rolls and posts has led me to believe that I'm glad that I went into the world of social media BEFORE I actually got myself ready to produce content en-masse. Content you see, needs to be read. It takes the eyes of the world to mould it into something better or as good as it is right now. Think about the countless blogs that are produced but not read, ever. I'm thinking about those every time I write something new. But not so much now, because as I write, I communicate with my social friends online. Getting them to help me make better posts and include more news and information about me. They like to hear about what and how I am doing. Forget the information, give my friends something about me, and they are ready to come back for more.

    The personal side of blogging takes over when you blog about your life and ambitions. While an internet marketer looks for the next referral or membership sign-up, a writer want thoughts to come into his head so that he can get them down inside his digital library for others to see. Making friends is easy, writing to the public is hard. Make friends first and let them tell how you are doing to get the most direction while you work. Writing is work, even if you love your job.

    Join the author:





    The Year of the Author

    For me, this year is bigger and better. I've been hearing the online chatter from Literary agents, publishers, and authors. Wherever they look, there are writers working.

    I made a connection with this trend and the explosion of social media plus the American economic slump, now there are more writers working from home offices than ever before. Just ask Nathan Bransford what is different this year than past years, and he'll tell you that there are more queries being sent into publishers and agents than ever before.

    The reason is simple and it gives authors hope that if it continues they can make a good living creating stories and taking notes of facts about what people on the internet are looking for.

    Content is King and content marketing is the lineage. Quality writing pays when it is produced "on demand" and has a following ready to read and rate it's quality.

    The signs were there all year long, National Writing Month set the ball in motion. Now is the best time to prepare a great work of fiction for internet consumption.

    If you're a writer but you are a new writer I can tell you that I know you, you and me are alike. I am a writer who started writing because my reality changed and I agreed to change with it. I am not just another sheep in the crowd though, I am the black sheep.

    "Here's how I plan on getting myself heard through all the baaaaing."

    #1 Write More (How to, Revenue Share, Website content, tagging, categorizing, novels, links, blog)
    #2 Social More

    "Join me on Facebook."

    "Join me on Twitter."

    "Join me on Friend Feed."

    "Join me on StumbleUpon."

    #3 Bookmark More (Social Marker)
    #4 Talk More (Blog Radio)
    #5 Record More (NHRA, New Fiction)
    #6 Organize More (Calendar, Schedules, Meetings)

    These are all difficult and time consuming tasks. Each one has it's rewards and by following along a schedule of activity that is effective, you can become as good as you want to be, or purport to be, or are.

    The internet has not offered more opportunity to the lowly writer than right now.

    I am leading the way with my marketing as I get the content rolling out that will make the most residule income over the long haul. Royalties will allow me to pursue the rest of my dreams, and writing about what I dream about is a great place to start earning money from the things I love to do.

    "Getting on a Publishers Short List"

    A Social Bookmarker

    Social Networking for business has become a highly sought-after service from companies big and small. More and more internet users search out personal networks to get advice on what and where the best information is located. A new future of research driven search results will continue to drive more companies into the social bookmark arena to gather viral followers to spread the recommendations of other similar group members who collect similar content for use as the basis for their online activities and click-through patterns. By building and maintaining active social profiles, you can build connections that result a dialogue between parties that tend to stay within certain subject matters and activities. Using the online platforms that produce the best results, Social Markerz 3.0 will offer a value service when compared to average rates for other web-based advertising campaigns.

    Becasue the internet is building a future as THE way to interact with other users, companies need to be aware of how to get the most from the change. By using an automated social network service like Social Markerz 3.0, every message can be published like the pros when the job is performed by experienced social network designers. They build viral networks that work.

    Being a Whale

    Being a Whale is everything gamble. this gaming resource injects only the best news and clues for when to get in and get out. Gaming with professionals includes everything that the online and brick world of gambling on the web has to offer plus the legal world of equity and monetary markets that the biggest pros use to make millions.

    Poker is at war with its own definition. The U.S. government, led by George W. Bush, succeeded in delivering a major blow to legal online poker play when in November of 2008 he signed the most comprehensive restrictions of money processing into law. The new Obama administration, including Congessman Barney Frank, have begun to debate on whether to eliminate those last few laws that the Republican's pushed through on the back of a much needed environmental regulation. Powerfitz Performance News is a loyal member of the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) and supports any action to reinstate the legality of online poker rooms and will back any new regulation that defines the game as one of skill, and accept tariffs for the government as the right of the pursuit of happiness.


    Oozing out of primordial placenta into penumbral waste of hands and feet; Machinist's grip is tight. A deafening implosion of wooden might; Machinist's hands are right. Who should be the replacement, right?" Each prisoner gets to see "The Light"

    Top Secret: The Days of Still

    Carne Vale by FD Walsh


    I'm scouring the internet for news on the publishing world. What was common place just five years ago is now taboo. It seems that one good thing that came out of the economic down turn is there were more new novelists born in 2009 than any other year on record. Now that the books that were written last year, including the thousands of titles written in November for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) are being shipped to readers around the globe, the changes don't stop there.

    Publishing is not the same.

    Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Walden Books are just a few of the big names in book selling. They were supplied by publishers from around the world; new authors fell under the spell of their first literary agent, the manuscript was sold and printed and available from these mega book dealers.

    Today the landscape has changed for publishers, retailers, wholesalers, and writers. "Writers have more options than ever before to bring a book to market." They have those choices because the consumer is changing their buying habits when it comes to the purchase of original works, books that is. The consumer is driving more content into digital format because it is cheaper to buy, easier to buy, comes from one platform, and an impulse to buy makes it more profitable for the writers who self publish. There are more pay to edit publishers than ever before and the numbers of new release titles will skyrocket for the foreseeable future.

    My own first work is available to be read (at least a good portion of it) right from its fan page on Facebook. "Marketing has come to the author in a big way."

    Before the internet, at least before amazon, writer's who have to go from bookstore to bookstore pushing their words. Conventions and speaking engagements gave writer's a place to market themselves and their books. Now, Facebook, and Twitter dominate. It's like a virtual convention whenever you turn on the computer. If you don;t have at least 50 friends to tell your story to, then you haven't met the internet lately, and as an author, you are doing yourself a disservice. Get your name, your title, your story online and you might be able to stop worrying about what publisher is going to pick up your next work. Maybe you can do a better job of promoting yourself and your book and now you really have the tools to do just that.


    "I'm not going to tell you how to use Facebook but I will tell you that you can do more with that site than make your own personal profile page. There are fan pages that you can make for each title you have, or make a collection page that people can come and follow. Pay for adverts that will bring in more followers and readers will follow that information to your point of sale.

    "Now where is your point of sale?"

    "Put it on your own website and sell it to your network." Do it like that and you keep everything. While publishers will cut you a royalty percentage, imagine if you could market yourself well enough to drive traffic into your own site, sell the digital copy through email or digital reading script, .pdf, or bound and covered through the mail. You get the best returns but you have to be the one driving sales.

    "You can have your cake and eat it to with the right combination of virtual publishing and marketing combined with in store sales of your titles in bookstores like Barnes & Noble,, and the other popular book stores. Online and off, you can get a bigger return on investment when you do as much of the work yourself. It ensures you of the best percentages, you get to keep the most rights to your works, and you will be able to see a future in royalties with the digital text industry booming into 2015.

    So, write a damn book if you're out of work. Publish it yourself if you're so inclined. Get the story down on paper and then turn it digital to take your earnings into the future with every new title you write.

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