US Politics:

Why The Right Should Worry What The Left Has Planned

The United States is just a few, short weeks away from the most contested Presidential election in it's history of transitioning power from one President to another. If you're a fan of Donald Trump, this election will go down in the history books as the election that was stolen, or wasn't it? It's time to start forecasting what will actually happen on November 4th, 2020 and beyond. We'll look at where we are on September 9th, 2020 and look into the future to see what the future holds.

As we see it, the upcoming Presidential election of 2020 will go down in history as the most dispicable elections ever, where each side of the isle is ready to come to arms over the results. When we say come to arms we mean it and this is where everyone should begin to see themselves as involved participants in the future of the United states of America. The chaos on the streets will prevaid every major city and you will not be able to avoid it at any cost. The main event of the year has yet to happen, but many pre-show competitions have already begaun; some won, some lost.

The real danger comes from the possibility that it gets away from either candidate; the civil unrest that will surely surround this election cycle I mean. While the two men battle it out for power, there will be smaller interests tryin to carve out a piece of the American dream just so they can turn it upside-down. We've been witnessing the violent protests by Antifa. We've seen groups of armed men who proclaim they just don't care anymore about justice, the'll take what they cannot get from the government themselves; even if they have to come into your neighborhood to get it. SO keep your eye out from an uprising. They will grown into something we have never seen before. They will make us wonder if we have to go and fight for our own rights. We'll have to decide if Donald Trump is really our President or is there someone not yet visible who deserves our backing? The questions have already been asked. Answer are forthcoming and it is there that will make this an election like none other. The answer will be from the silent minority.

Is Donald Trump Ready to Dump the 2020 Elections? 

If it didn't seem like there was any chance Donald Trump would lose the 2020 Presidential elections to Joe Biden in November 2020, the possibility that he could back out of the race for President in 2020 is beginning to seem less like a snowball's chance in hell and more like rain after a long, hot Summer. 

Donald Trump could arguably be seen as the most productive President ever, but, with the introduction of an unforeseen pandemic, and the way in which it was handled, these facts may play a major part in pushing Donald Trump further away from his second term in office. His excuses would be many and we have yet to hear from the President himself on what he hopes to gain by pushing forward his agenda when the rest of the country wants nothing more than to see him leave office a broken man. That's the main reason trump may not make it to election day; he's not someone to take criticism sitting down. In fact, he may just walk right out on the whole thing to save face. 

For the millions of voters who would find that to be the worst thing that could happen right now, the minority majority is holding out hope that this is exactly what happens. Their zealous ambitions have put the United States on a one way path to Communism while at the same time dragging America through the mud on the way to Anarchy and Marxist rule. In the end that means no rule at all; do as I say and not as I do holds true for both sides of the political isle. What you get may just be exactly what you asked for. 

Editor's note:

Recently we have seen how the Trump campaign has been using social media to further divide our country. If it's not the far-left Liberal protester, it's the conservative President who is showing how immune to reality someone in a place of high power can become. It's not time to pile dirt on top of dirt just to make a point. It's time for America to be great and show that being unbiased is the only way to respect America's Constitution and the rule of law.

US Finances:

Is Gold finally going to take the markets to task?

Investors are on the ride of their life if they are trying to track the ups and downs of the financial markets in 2020. You see, financial stability relies mainly on the reliability of outside circumstances that can effect daily, monthly, quarterly, or yearly results. The US economy relies on the people to keep it moving in the right direction. The US markets rely on consistency to maintain movement in the right direction.

Stability and consistency is far from what the current economical outlook projections are telling us. The effects of the Novel Corona Virus and the COVID-19 disease have been felt hard by the retail investor trying to keep on top and not the bottom of an ever changing financial environment. Lock downs across the country have kept millions of workers home for an extended period of time and the US Government and Federal Reserve have revealed just how far they are willing to go to keep the economy from going bust. Smart investors can see that something is happening and it's time to make decisions for the long haul that go against everything that has lead them to success so far; stocks, bonds, and the Dollar will be greatly effected by an uncertain future that envisions millions of workers staying home due to a prolonged stay at home order due to COVID-19. If that remains to be true, what happens next can only be expected.

Precious metals have been climbing a smooth slope to the top of the mountain. Considered as safe havens for investors in the face of inflation and increased money printing, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium have started to rise exponentially in the face of the economic forecasts. Even while the economy is touted as the biggest and the best, even the biggest and the best have vulnerabilities that can bring them down in the blink of an eye. This is why it's time to follow the precious metals market. It's time for a realignment of assets and cash; what goes up goes down and what goes down goes up. As of this edition of Patriot News LIVE is being written, Precious metals have the fundamentals to reach new, 10-year highs and we're only about 4-months into the pandemic. If this continues unabated, we could see Gold as high as $3,000 an oz., Silver at $50 an oz., and who knows where Palladium is going to be; Palladium is the dark horse that's winning the race right now.

The point of this segment is this; If the markets begin to feel the strain of monetary policy, it will be precious metals that will be driving the train for the unforeseeable future and at extremely high premiums over decades before. If you want to see it happen, be sure to follow the charts like this one I look at every day from KITCO.

US Economy:

It's a Push Me, Pull You Economy

If you live in one of the states hardest hit by COVID-19, you may have just been ordered back into your home after being slowly released back into the public after the first Corona Virus lock down. If so, you may find yourself wondering how much more disruption you, your family, and your loved ones can handle. Those of us in lock down now for a second time are waiting to get a call from work saying we don't work there anymore. We are wearing masks in public because it is required. Many of us have not stopped working and are wondering when we'll get sick. If you are dealing with these same worries, we'll show you how the US economy can be helped or hurt by current and future events to try and give you a better idea of what to look for. 

(From MANULIFE Investment Management:)

Macro tailwinds Macro headwinds
High-frequency data tells us that the worst COVID-19-related weekly drawdowns of U.S. data is behind us. From here on, economic data will continue to weaken, but at a milder pace. We also expect monthly data in May to show incremental improvements over April data. In our view, the move toward easing lockdown restrictions in May in most U.S. states is raising the likelihood of a second wave of an economic hit to the country. Expect to see more credit downgrades, an extension in the duration of unemployment among those who are actively seeking work, and a reduced likelihood of an inventory “rebuild” taking place.
We’ve witnessed a swift reaction to trim cost structure within the private sector, which can imply improved business profitability post-recession. U.S.-China trade tensions are flaring up again and we don’t think markets are prepared for a deterioration in relations.
Consumer fundamentals are stronger than they were in 2008: U.S. house prices are still rising mildly, mortgage activity is stabilizing, bank deposits are higher, and savings rates are rising.¹ U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) Chair Jerome Powell noted the distinction between liquidity and solvency, and implied that the Fed can support the former, but not solvency for much longer.² We believe we’re approaching peak monetary policy effectiveness.
Oil prices have stabilized, reducing market volatility and lifting inflation expectations (slightly).¹ We see a high—and rising—likelihood that fiscal hawks could slow the breadth, size, scope, and timing of any additional fiscal stimulus, which we think is sorely needed.
Household checks from the U.S. federal government are replacing 30% of lost incomes, limiting the shock of record-high unemployment.³ Plus, 32% of small businesses in the United States have applied for Paycheck Protection Program loans.⁴ Near-term deflationary pressures are accelerating globally. This can be seen in global consumer and producer price indexes, and economic survey data in the United States, China, and other major economies.¹
The Fed has, so far, calmed the initial signs of a credit crisis as spreads eased in many parts of the fixed-income market. Greater U.S. Treasury supply coincided with the Fed’s decision to slow its bond purchases, thereby nudging the long end of the U.S. yield curve higher.¹
The recent ramp up in research efforts continues as scientists seek to identify effective treatments and vaccines for COVID-19.


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Divisiveness, individuality, and the rule of mob have all come to roost on the nest we call 2020. It's more important than ever before to be aware of your surrounding and be conscious of who you are and who you are representing yourself to be. It's not all that it's cracked up to be; being right that is. When we're right we tend to close ourselves off from the nuances of reality where more than one answer is actually correct. We hope to use our time and this space to further ourselves in knowledge and understanding. Both of which can be transformed into an set of beliefs where all men and women are truly created equal if not for any other reason than to be whole with humanity. It's the only way.

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Movers and Shakers:

Can we Expect More Antifa Protests?

One of the hardest topics to cover in these days of discontent is the Leftist Group Antifa. Many of you may not have heard of this group or of their mostly violent patterns when it comes to peaceful protesting. If you have heard of them, then you already know that when it comes to violent protests, Antifa members are largely found at the front lines of destruction.

Don;t think you'll get away with just a little graffiti on your community buildings and businesses, no. Antifa want to tear the mother down, mother being the United States of America and its rule of law. When Anarchists break from the norm they break so far away it is hard for main street to understand why and where they expect to go; this is still America I can hear them say.

There were steps to prevent yourself from being attacked or your property damaged at one time, but now all bets are off. When a large group (mob) of Antifa build at the end of your street, you can expect some mayhem to be heading your way. They want to get their word out and the best way to do that is by destroying everything in their path. If that means you, then out you go.

But what makes a peaceful protest and what makes an Antifa protest different. Peaceful protests make sure that Antifa is not represented in their group. Who wants to take the blame for a few Antifa members when you have thousands of honest protesters trying to get their voices heard. You would hope that's how it goes but it does not and so many peaceful protests turn into chaos at the hands of a few, determined Marxists portraying themselves as Antifa members who are against Capitalism and Nazis.

US Civil War in the 21st Century:

What Does it Look Like?

You would not be surprised to see a protest these days, what, with all the discontent being cooked up online, in the MSM media, and other Far Right and Far Left outlets. Everyone is tearing us apart just far enough that some will want to start the next Civil War in America. It seems like we are already there. Liberals are rioting during peaceful protests and the races are fighting over color. You think it's war but it's not. The Left may be participating, but you can be assured that the right is not well represented at all. 

I spoke with a historian who told me how the lead up to America's original civil war played out. North and South were unable to agree to be agreeable and that led to the need for Abraham Lincoln to take the steps he did. No longer would men and women and children be held against their will and not allowed fully to partake in a young but emerging country. It took determination and an ability to fight in the most awful conditions. You understand why but you may not understand how.

This Dr. of history relayed to me something I had not thought about before. When the far right enters the war we'll see bridges fall, forget Nike stores and bodegas. You will know by the actions of brave men when the United States is prepared to be taken back; the bridges where you live will fall.